Knowledge based cost management is fundamental to good decision making. Without timely and updated information on costs, companies end up making highly subjective and ad-hoc decisions. Sometimes, these decisions are simply based on 'what has worked in the past' and are irrelevant in competitive environments.

ABIS-Pro gives you complete visibility into costs and helps you make the best decision at any given time. The superior quality of information and consequent decision-making can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Key Benefits

Optimized Production. Enables better decision making on pricing, product mix, make or buy decisions, investment decisions etc.

Improved Profitability. Improves your business profitability by identifying key profitability drivers and their impact on customers, products and processes; this allows you to make trade-offs more easily Superior Planning. Helps predict and plan resource and capacity requirements.


Versatile and Flexible Modeling

  • CAM-I based model allows users to define activities, cost elements and performance metrics easily
  • User friendly and user-definable ('What if' scenarios allow user to make trade-offs)
  • Import & Export options support multiple formats (MS Excel, CSV, text etc)
  • Multi-user architecture and multi-level access for improved accessibility and security
  • Compatible with all ERP systems

Advanced Costing & Profitability analysis

  • User-definable drivers (for allocation of resources, cost elements, activities, customer segments)
  • Can identify the cost of unused capacity to provide 'effective' capacity costs
  • 'What if' analysis for resource planning
  • Multiple views of activity costs (by hierarchy, process, short term)
  • Multi-dimensional Profitability analysis (across periods, geographies, product types, customer segments)
  • Flexible allocation of unique drivers to each cost element within an activity/resource and multistage allocation of costs (the drivers can be basic or weighted)
  • Strategies can be defined and linked to performance measures at the activity level. Data from ABIS-Pro can be easily imported into Scorecard systems.

Advanced Reporting

  • Standard & Custom reporting options
  • Ability to compare with budgeted/standard and derive variance analysis
  • Multi-period & multi-product comparison across single period